Because of my experience working in college counseling centers, I recognize the importance of preparing your child to successfully meet the challenges of being in a college environment. So much attention is paid to academic prep for college, but emotional prep is just as (if not more so) important to a happy and healthy college experience. Consider this a crash course in everything your student needs to know from someone with first hand experience as a mental health professional in college counseling centers and as an adjunct professor.

Your student will learn how to address and resolve conflict with roommates, how to advocate for themselves with professors and other college staff and discover effective coping skills to deal with stress, separation anxiety and any other issue that arises while at school. Your student will feel more settled, confident and happy and you will sleep better at night knowing that your student is independent and able to take care of their own needs.

My college prep sessions include creating a specialized plan for your student by addressing 4 specific areas of wellness:
► Mental and emotional wellness
► Social wellness 
► Physical wellness
► Academic wellness

It’s important for your student to strike a balance between academics and personal/social life and I will give them the tools they need to achieve that balance. In addition to preparation, I offer follow-up sessions while your student is away at school via video or phone to ensure that your student is staying on track in all 4 areas of wellness.

College coaching sessions are ideal for juniors and seniors in high school and for current college students.